How to Write an Article in Under 20 Minutes

Being able to write articles is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money as a writer.

I’ve been writing online articles since around 2005. Before that, I spent years working as a freelance writer writing articles and short stories for magazines.

But once I discovered the internet, I set up my own niche websites and wrote articles for them and did less freelance work.

And along the way, I discovered the importance of being able to write articles quickly. Not only did I need to write them fast, but I also need to write great articles.

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At first, I looked around and tried a few different writing courses to find out how to do it. But none of them were particularly useful.

So in the end I devised my own system of how to write articles quickly and fill them with useful content.

And the following is a brief overview of how I do it.

My articles often contain 3 parts: An opening, 3 points I want to cover, and a close. The way these 3 parts are written is:

Say what I’m going to say.

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Say it.

Say what I’ve said.

So the opening is usually a statement of what I’ll be writing about, followed by the 3 points I want to cover, and then I wrap it all up in the close which usually includes a link to a product or book I’m selling.

I also research fast. If I don’t have all the information I need to write my article then I research it online. For this I only allow myself 2 minutes. Any longer than this leads to unnecessary web surfing, but when I only have 2 minutes I have no time to waste or to second guess myself.

Finally comes the proofreading and editing and for this I only allow 5 minutes. Again, the lack of time keeps me focused because I have no time to waste. Literally not a second to spare.

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